2. Ally invest review

Robo-Advisor Offers Five Portfolio Options

When you choose the robo-advisor option with Ally Invest you’ll have four ways to invest:

 Core – Includes domestic and international stocks, as well as fixed income assets. Designed primarily for hands-off investors.

 Income – Favors investments with high dividend yields, in combination with a more conservative risk profile.

 Tax optimized — An IRA specializing in after-tax contributions.

 Socially Responsible – Invests in companies with ethical track records that practice sustainability, energy efficiency, or other environmentally friendly initiatives.

You can also choose the Cash-enhanced Portfolio. It lets you combine one or more of the above investment options with a 30% cash buffer. The Cash-enhanced Portfolio offers reduced volatility, no advisory fees (otherwise the fee is 0.30% per year), and competitive interest rates on the cash portion.

You can open an Ally Invest robo-advisor portfolio with no money up front, but you will be required to deposit at least $100 to begin investing.

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