1. Data Science Tutorial for Beginners

Role of a Data Scientist

You might want to know who is a Data Scientist and what are his/her roles in different fields. A Data Scientist deals with both unstructured and structured data.

The unstructured data is present in a raw format that requires extensive data pre-processing, cleaning and organization in order to impart a meaningful structure to a dataset.

The Data Scientist then investigates this organized data and analyzes it thoroughly to derive information from it using various statistical methodologies. We use these statistical methods to describe, visualize and hypothesize information from the data.

Then with the usage of advanced machine learning algorithms, the data scientist predicts the occurrence of events and takes data-driven decisions.

A Data Scientist deploys vast arrays of tools and practices to recognize redundant patterns within the data. These tools range from SQL, Hadoop to Weka, R, and Python.

Data Scientists usually act as consultants employed by companies where they participate in various decision-making processes and creation of strategies. In other words, Data Scientists use meaningful insights from data to assist companies in taking smarter business decisions.

For example – Companies like Netflix, Google and Amazon are using Data Science to develop powerful recommendation systems for their users. Similarly, various financial companies are using predictive analytics and forecasting methods to predict stock prices.

Data Science has helped to create smarter systems that can take autonomous decisions based on historical datasets.

Through its assimilation with emerging technologies like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning, it has manifested itself to form a greater picture of Artificial Intelligence.

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