When can we sell stocks

Selling Strategies

If you’ve decided to sell, unload your shares in smart ways.

For starters, sell in tranches over a period of time; Koch says he sells one-fourth of his shares at a time. Whether that happens over one month or several months depends on the market. “Sell on days the market is up to get the best price,” he says. Don’t assume you have to unload all of your shares, either.

“You can take profits in a rising stock, but not get out fully,” says Yoon. “It doesn’t have to be a 100% or 0% decision.” Remember to consider taxes if you hold the shares in a taxable account.

Finally, never sell in a panic. A business you were comfortable with in a smooth market should not be abandoned when vola­tility picks up. Says Ellis: “Don’t sell when the market goes down.”

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