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SEO and Google Algorithm Updates

SEO may often feel unapproachable or impossible because of the term “algorithm.” An algorithm is a series of operations a search engine uses to calculate and rank websites based on when someone uses a specific search query. 

You may have heard algorithms are always changing, and, to some degree, that’s true. Google makes what they call “core updates” multiple times a year to better serve those searching online. You can explore a history of Google algorithm updates on the Moz website. 

However, while Google may often make tweaks, your main concern should continue creating high-quality content, using relevant keywords, and building reputable backlink relationships. You shouldn’t try to “game the system” when it comes to Google’s algorithms, as a major reason for the continual updates is to weed people who do that out. You could actually hurt your rankings by focusing too much on the algorithm and not enough on your content.

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