Hyperbaric chamber treatment

Side Effects

Although hyperbaric chamber treatment is considered a natural and relatively safe mode of therapy, there are some side effects involved.

These include problems with the sinuses and ears (such as popping in the ears) due to the sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, fluid buildup or rupture in the middle ear, temporary changes in vision causing nearsightedness, lung collapse (called barotrauma) from air pressure changes, and oxygen toxicity (a side effect from receiving excessively high concentrations of oxygen).

Oxygen poisoning can cause lung failure, fluid in the lungs, or seizures. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Health Library, taking frequent breaks to breathe regular air during HBOT can help prevent oxygen poisoning.

Another hazard of HBOT is fire. Pure oxygen can cause a spark to easily ignite into flames. Therefore, in preparation for HBOT, it’s important not to have any lighters or battery-powered devices in the treatment area.

The side effects of HBOT are usually mild and temporary, provided some safety measures are followed. These safety measures include that the therapy is administered for no longer than two hours in duration per session and that the pressure inside the chamber is less than three times that of the pressure in the atmosphere.

Eliminating petroleum-based or flammable skincare or hair products from your body is also important. 

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