3. Advantages of Matlab

Some more advantages

Following are the benefits or advantages of MATLAB:
➨It is easy to use due to its command line interface and file oriented structure.
➨MATLAB is platform independent and hence it can be installed on different Operating Systems such as Windows, Vista, Linux and Macintosh.
➨MATLAB has huge built-in library of functions for many predefined tasks. This makes job more comfortable and saves time. These functions are available as part of various toolkits which include signal processing, image processing, communications, control systems, neural networks etc.
➨It offers plotting and imaging related commands which are independent of devices.
➨MATLAB provides tool to develop GUI based applications which can also licensed based on MAC address to customers using few lines of code script. MATLAB applications are compiled into machine independent p-code.
➨Errors are easier to fix as it is interpreted language.
➨Matrix operations are easier and quick to perform. MATLAB can handle and manipulate large data sets. Hence it is used to develop and code many of algorithms quickly.
➨MATLAB is inexpensive software.

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