1. Open a Bank account

Start Using the Account

If you followed all the steps, you should have a brand new bank account in your name. It should be ready to use within a few minutes to a few days. For checking and savings accounts, keep an eye out for a debit card (or ATM card) in the mail. You might also get a checkbook so that you can write checks. To make the most of your account, you can sign up for (usually free) account features that help you manage your money, especially if you have access to a computer or mobile device:

  • Online bill pay: This feature allows you to pay bills electronically.
  • Remote check deposit: Your bank’s mobile app may allow you to deposit checks remotely so that you don’t have to make trips to a branch or fill out deposit slips.
  • Alerts: Sign up for text or email alerts so that you know when your account balance is running low (or when large withdrawals happen).

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