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Stay committed to your long-term portfolio

Keady says investing should be a long-term activity. He also says you should divorce yourself from the daily news cycle.

By skipping the daily financial news, you’ll be able to develop patience, which you’ll need if you want to stay in the investing game for the long term. It’s also useful to look at your portfolio infrequently, so that you don’t become too unnerved or too elated. These are great tips for beginners who have yet to manage their emotions when investing.

“Some of the news cycle, at times it becomes 100 percent negative and it can become overwhelming for people,” Keady says.

One strategy for beginners is to set up a calendar and predetermine when you’ll be evaluating your portfolio. Sticking to this guideline will prevent you from selling out of a stock during some volatility – or not getting the full benefit of a well-performing investment, Keady says.

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