5. Image formation bs lense

Summary of Image Formation by Concave and Convex Lens

Image formation by Concave Lens
Object LocationImage LocationImage NatureImage Size
InfinityAt F2Virtual and ErectHighly Diminished
Beyond Infinity and ZeroBetween F1 and Optical centerVirtual and ErectDiminished
Image formation by Convex Lens
Object locationImage locationImage natureImage size
InfinityAt F2Real and InvertedDiminished
Beyond 2 F1Between 2F2 and F2Real and InvertedDiminished
Between 2F1 and F1Beyond 2F2Real and InvertedEnlarged
At F1At infinityReal and InvertedEnlarged
At 2 F1At 2F2Real and InvertedSame size
Between F1 and 0On the same side as the objectVirtual and ErectEnlarged

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