12. Education Stories

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Moral: Always tell the truth because a liar won’t be trusted.

This is the popular story of a young shepherd who cried wolf one too many times. For those who don’t know the story – it goes a little something like this.

There was once a shepherd who had no work to do, so, to amuse himself, he cried “Wolf! Wolf!” from atop the hill. Hearing his cries, the villagers came running up only to discover that he was lying – fooling them for his own entertainment. A few days later, he repeated the same trick out of boredom. Again, the villagers came rushing towards him to scare away the wolf. Alas, they were fooled once again! The villagers were brimming with anger – they were furious with the shepherd for causing unnecessary chaos in the village.

Shortly after, an actual wolf appeared. The shepherd cried mercilessly for help as the wolf attacked his sheep but no one bothered helping him out – they assumed that it was another one of his silly pranks. They laughed it off and the shepherd was left alone to deal with the horrific situation at hand. The shepherd kept telling them that he was sorry, and this time it was true – he wasn’t lying. Finally, the villagers decided to take a look and realised that it was true indeed.  This time, the shepherd wasn’t lying indeed. The wolf had killed all the sheep and run away.

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