13. Horror Stories

The Clown

Age Recommendation: 8 years and above

This story is about a family that moved into a huge house with a large number of rooms. A few days later, the two little boys of the couple began complaining about a clown coming into their room at night, but the father did not take it seriously. When a young girl came to babysit the kids while the parents were out, she went to the basement to watch TV after the kids went to sleep. She became uncomfortable because of the clown statue near the door and called the parents to ask if she could watch TV in the hall. The father told her to leave the house immediately and wait with the neighbours. The girl later came to know that the family never had a clown statue in their home.

How to Tell: Use a low voice to build up the eeriness when the babysitter watches the clown statue standing near the door and how the girl leaves the house with the two kids and play on the urgency.

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