What was first computer invented ?

The concept of first mechanical computer

In 1822, the first automatic computing machine was designed and developed by Charles Babbage, which was the Difference Engine. It had the ability to calculate numerous sets of numbers and generating hard copies of the results. Ada Lovelace helped the Babbage to developed the Difference Engine. The first computer by Babbage is considered the programmer, and he also wrote notes and sketches about the Difference Engine. Inappropriately, Babbage was unable to complete a full-portion functional type of this machine, as he had no sufficient fund. Later the Difference Engine No 2 was completed by the London Science Museum in June 1991. Later the printing mechanism was also completed by the London Science Museum.

In 1837, the Analytical Engine that was the first general mechanical computer, was proposed by Charles Babbage. It was the first general-purpose computer concept, which contained basic flow control, Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), integrated memory, etc. Unfortunately, due to less funding, Charles Babbage also was unable to build this computer while he was alive. Henry Babbage (Charles Babbage’s youngest son) completed this computer and performed basic calculations too.

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