13. Horror Stories

The Cursed Doll

Age Recommendation: 6 years and above

A young girl was extremely fond of dolls and had a huge collection of a variety of dolls at home. Once while she was browsing at a toy store, she found the most beautiful doll ever and was keen to add it to her collection. When she asked the store owner, she was told that the doll was cursed. But the girl insisted, and the owner reluctantly sold it to her. When she reached her home, she got into the elevator, and the doors closed behind her. The lift did not move, and the girl began wondering if this was because of the cursed doll. Suddenly the doll moved, turned her jet black eyes towards her and opened her mouth to say, “Push the floor button, you silly fool.”

How to Tell: Bring the story to a crescendo, especially as the girl gets into the elevator and it doesn’t move. Use your funniest voice to speak like a doll would and watch the kids erupt with laughter.

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