13. Horror Stories

The Demon Hello Kitty

If you are looking for a fun, scary story for kids, this is it. Kids who are 8 years and older will enjoy this for the silliness it is. It’s even better if you can have a Hello Kitty item or picture to use while you’re describing the character.

hello kitty candy

Do you know why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? No? Well, let me tell you.

The woman who invented Hello Kitty has a daughter. Her daughter developed a rare form of cancer in her mouth, and the doctors told her mother there was nothing they could do. Her daughter was going to die.

The mother was inconsolable. Her daughter was her only child, and she couldn’t imagine living the rest of her life without her. She vowed to do whatever she could to save her.

When the little girl was just hours from death, the mother was visited by the devil. He told her he would save her little girl, if she promised to invent a cartoon character that would end up in every home. The mother was suspicious — why would the devil request that she create a cartoon character that would bring joy into the world?

The devil’s intent wasn’t to bring happiness into the lives of children, after all. The devil said he would use the character to hypnotize children and possess them. The mother was torn — should she save her own child and sacrifice all those innocent children out there?

Because of her intense love for her children, the mother agreed, and her daughter recovered. In return, the mother invented Hello Kitty. The character has no mouth because her daughter’s mouth was eaten away by the cancer and sewn up.

It has pointy ears like the devil’s horns, and the word “kitty” means demon. So when you say Hello Kitty, you are actually saying, Hello Demon, and welcoming the devil into your home.

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