9. Akbar - Birbal Stories

The farmer who bought a well

A poor farmer once bought a well from a rich man so that he could irrigate his land using the water from the well. The farmer paid the price quoted by the rich man. The next day, when the farmer when to draw water from the well, the rich man stopped him and disallowed him from drawing water. He said that the farmer had bought only the well and not the water from him. So, he cannot draw any water from the well.

Not knowing what to do, the farmer went to the king’s court and told Akbar about his predisposition. Akbar handed over the case to Birbal.

Akbar directs Birbal to go help the poor farmer.
Akbar asks Birbal to help the poor farmer solve his problem.

Birbal visited the rich man who was causing problems to the farmer. The rich man reiterated what he told the farmer, to which Birbal said, “Since you have sold the well and not the water to the farmer, you will have to move all the water or pay rent to the farmer to keep the water in the well.”

The rich man realised his ploy was not going to work and let the farmer use the well from the water.

Moral: Do not try to deceive people as you will end up paying the price.

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