9. Akbar - Birbal Stories

The Farmer’s Well

Once upon a time, a clever man sold his well to a farmer. The next day, when the farmer went to the well to fetch some water, the man said that he only sold the well and not its water. The farmer did not know what to do, and with a sad heart, he went to Akbar’s court. Birbal was told to take care of the case. The following day, the man who sold the well along with the farmer was called to the court. The clever man made the same statement – he had sold his well, not the water in it. On learning this, Birbal said, “My friend, in that case, you either remove your water from the well or pay tax for your water because it is the farmer’s well.” The man realised his mistake and asked for forgiveness as he felt helpless and outwitted.


If you cheat, you will pay for your deeds.

Akbar and Birbal

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