What was first computer invented ?

The first multimedia computer

In 1992, Tandy Radio Shack introduced the M2500 XL/2 and M4020 SX. These were the first computers released with feature the MPC standard.

The MPC stands for Multimedia Personal Computer that was developed in 1990. It has the ability to execute programs, which connect video, audio, animation, and graphics. In 1992, Radio Shack introduced the first personal computers that support MPC specification. Nowadays, all modern computers that provide the facility of multimedia, they all are MPC compliant. The three types of MPC standards are available: MPC, MPC2, and MPC3. The requirements of MPC2 and MPC3 are described below:

Requirements of MPC 2

  • 4 MB of RAM
  • VGA Display.
  • Intel 486SX 25 MHz processor
  • 2x CD-ROM drive

Requirements of MPC 3

  • 8 MB RAM.
  • MPEG Support.
  • A processor of Intel Pentium 75 MHz
  • 4X CD-ROM drive.
  • Hard Drive of 540 MB

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