13. Horror Stories

The Furnished Room

A young man goes about looking for a place to live in, in the city of New York. Finally, he gets one. When the housekeeper tells him that the room is often occupied by theater people, he asks her if a young woman named Eloise Vashner ever lived there. The housekeeper denies.

The young man has come to the city to find his lady love Eloise. He has spent months inquiring with the theater managers, audiences, et al, but in vain.

Once he gets to the furnished room, he sits in his place and sees the former tenants’ belongings and their traces. Suddenly a waft of sweet scent comes to him. He immediately recognizes it as Eloise’s perfume. He goes mad, he talks to the scent and starts believing that she has been here in the same room. But, he finds nothing. He asks the housekeeper, who again denies knowing anything about her.

Defeated and disappointed, he turns the gas on and awaits death. Meanwhile, the housekeeper tells her friend about him. She says how she did not tell the man that a tenant killed herself in the same room, a week ago, with the gas turned on.

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