13. Horror Stories

The Hitchhiker

This story is suitable for children of about 8 years and over and is a great “all-rounder” scary story for kids. It’s a good campfire scary story for kids but can be used for sleepovers, Halloween, or any other time you need a scare.

hitchhiker with thumb out

A man moved to a small town and slowly got to know a few of his new neighbors. He soon learned that most of the residents believed that one of the roads out of town was haunted, but he didn’t believe in ghosts, so he never asked why.

One day, the man went to visit a friend in another town. He was enjoying his visit so much that he ended up staying later than he had planned. By the time he left for home, it was way past midnight.

There was no moon that night, and once he left the town limits, the only lighting came from his headlights. Soon it began raining, and the rain made it even more difficult to see.

As a result, it was almost too late to brake when the man saw the woman on the road. He jammed his foot hard to the floor, and the car swerved in the road before coming to a stop just inches from her legs.

Normally, the man would have driven off again, but it was so late and the weather was terrible. He decided to offer the woman a ride. She got into his car, took off her wet hoodie and held her hands up to the vents to capture the warmth.

When they reached town, the woman directed him to her home, thanked him for the ride, and went inside. When the man got home, he discovered she had left her hoodie in his car. He thought about driving back to her house, but it was so late that he decided to go inside to bed and return the hoodie the next day.

The next morning, he drove back to the house where he had dropped her off, walked to the door, and rang the bell. An older woman answered the door, and he handed her the hoodie.

“I gave your daughter a ride home last night, and she left this in my car,” he said.

The woman began to cry.

“My daughter was killed by a hit and run driver many years ago,” she said. “It happened on the road into town, and she was wearing a hoodie just like this one.”

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