6. Private banking and service offered by best banks

The Largest Bank in the world known as Private Wealth Management Bank:

Here we will present list of top Private Bank (or private banking divisions/subsidiaries of large bank holding companies) in terms of AUM (Assets under management), as of start-2015 are:

RankBankCountryAUM (in US$ billion)
1Union Biblical Seminary (UBS)^SwitzerlandApprox. $2,035
2Morgan Stanley^USAApprox. $2,025
3Bank of America*USAApprox. $1,984
4Credit Suisse^SwitzerlandApprox. $883
5Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)^CanadaApprox. $704
6Citibank^USAApprox. $550
7JP Morgan & Co.*USAApprox. $428
8BNP Paribas^FranceApprox. $370
9HSBC Bank^UKApprox. $365
10Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.^USAApprox. $363
11BMO^CanadaApprox. $326
12Deutsche*GermanyApprox. $292
13Julius Baer Group^SwitzerlandApprox. $289
14ABN AMRO^NetherlandsApprox. $231
15Wells Fargo^USAApprox. $225
16Northern Trust^USAApprox. $224
17Santander^SpainApprox. $218
18Bank J. Safra Sarasin^SwitzerlandApprox. $213
19BNY Mellon*USAApprox. $191
20Crédit Agricole^FranceApprox. $171

^  = Private Bank and Wealth Management

* = Global Wealth, Asset and Investment Management

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