13. Horror Stories

The Maid

Age Recommendation: 10 years and above

A widowed man and his little son moved into their new home in a faraway town. Their large spacious house was known to be haunted, but the man did not believe it when the locals told him that. While the kid was exploring the house, he reached the kitchen and saw the maid working there. She told him that there could be ghosts in the house and he had to be careful.ADVERTISEMENT

The young child then went to his father’s study and asked him if the house had ghosts in it. The father asked, “Who has been telling you all this?” The child replied “Our maid.” The father immediately asked him to pack their bags. When the son asked why, the father replied, “We do not have a maid, son!”

How to Tell: Slow your pace when you near the end and pause in dramatic fashion just before the father tells the boy that they do not have a maid.

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