13. Horror Stories

The Monkey’s Paw

One man called Sergeant Major Morris owns a monkey’s paw that has magical powers. He tells his friend Mr. White and his family, the wife and son, about its powers. It grants its owners any three wishes they ask for; the sergeant-major warns Mr. White that although it grants the wishes, only disaster comes with them. Nevertheless, the family buys the monkey paw from him, and the sergeant leaves.

The son holds the paw and asks for some money. The next day, after the son goes to work, an employee of his company comes and informs Mr. White and his wife about the demise of their son in an accident, and gives them the monetary compensation — the same amount they wished for.

Mrs. White wishes that their son comes back home, alive. A knock at the door is heard, and the knocks get violent slowly as somebody wants to come in and get hold of the paw. Mr. White understands where it is going. He makes a final wish. The wife opens the door, and there is nobody.

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