12. Education Stories

The Musical Donkey

Moral: Think before you act.

Udhata, a thin donkey who was starved by his owner, a local fisherman, went in search of food with his friend, a jackal. The pair wandered around the village in the middle of the night until they stumbled upon a cucumber field. That night, they truly relished their meal and decided to pay a visit to the cucumber field every night. Udhata eventually began to look much healthier and was able to pick up more load.

Once, after an appetizing and wholesome meal of cucumbers, the donkey insisted on singing. Knowing that this was foolish, the jackal advised him against the same but the stubborn donkey refused to listen to his friend. Even when the jackal told the donkey that his voice wasn’t exactly sweet, Udhata dismissed his comment – thinking that the jackal was jealous. He told the jackal that he was happy, and there’s nothing wrong in expressing one’s happiness. Once again, the jackal warned him of his foolish behaviour and of bringing trouble upon himself by disturbing the guards. However, the foolish donkey would not budge.

When the donkey started to sing, the jackal interrupted and asked the donkey to wait until the jackal jumps over the other side of the fence for his own safety. The jackal decided to wait outside. On hearing the loud braying noise made by the donkey, the guard naturally awoke from his slumber. When he spotted Udhata, the guard beat him black and blue mercilessly. He didn’t hold back whatsoever and channelled all of his anger onto the donkey who was truly regretting not taking his friend’s advice. Once he was done, the donkey could barely move. Yet, he somehow dragged his limp body out of the field, where the jackal had been waiting for him. His friend had a sympathetic look on his face as he said, “I told you so.”

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