13. Horror Stories

The Old Television

A couple lived with their only son in a house on the outskirts of the city of Spain. The boy’s room had an old television which he would ask to be covered with a cloth every night as he went to sleep. One day, the father asked the boy why he wanted the TV covered at night. The boy said ”Because that’s where they come from”. The parents ignored the comment, thinking it was his imagination. One night, the parents had to go out, so they hired a baby sitter to stay with their son. When they returned late night, they found the babysitter sitting outside the home, mumbling, “They took him away.” Confused the parents rushed into the boy’s room and found that the television cover was off and the boy was gone.

How to Tell: Pause briefly when you are near the end and use a hushed tone to say “The boy was gone”.

Horror Stories for Kids - The Old Television

Caution: Use words like ‘torture’ and ‘killing’ with care, while sparing grisly details of death if you find the audience getting spooked.

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