Importance of Statistics

The Role of Statistics in Mathematics

It should seem obvious that statistics plays a key role in mathematics considering it’s a branch of applied mathematics. However, statistics is in more than just its own separate branch of math. You can find statistical techniques in integration, differentiation, and algebra, and you can find those in statistics as well.

Much of math is based on probability and theories, and statistical methods help make those mathematical theories that much more accurate. Using averages, dispersions, and estimation allows you to come up with conclusions that are closer to the real answer than just taking a wild guess. 

Examples of Statistics in Mathematics

Here are a few examples of statistics used in math:

  • There is an 80% chance that in a room full of 30 people that at least two people will share the same birthday.
  • Find the range of the graph.
  • Find the mean, median, and mode.

As you can see, some of these are basic mathematics skills you might remember from elementary school. These are used in statistics.

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