13. Horror Stories

The Stare

Age Recommendation: 10 years and above

A young girl was travelling by train one late night. There were two old men sitting across her, and an old woman sitting between them, kept staring at her in a weird way. The train stopped at a station and a man, wearing a trench coat, stepped in and sat next to her. The young girl still felt the old woman staring at her continuously while the two old men were least bothered. When the train halted at the next stop, the man in the trench coat grabbed the girl and pushed her on to the station. When the girl began to scream, the man said, ”I am sorry, but I just saved your life, as the old woman was dead and the old men were propping her up”.

How to Tell: Paint a villainous image of the man in the trench coat and build up suspense until the end when he pulls the girl to safety.

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