5. General Stories

The wicked fox gets a nasty shock

Danny the dog and Roger the rooster lived in the same farmyard and became the best of friends. They decided to go on holiday together. Roger wrapped some seeds in a leaf and tucked them under his wing, Danny took some bones, and off they set. That night, Roger perched in a tree to see the sun rising and be ready to crow. Danny, who liked a good night’s sleep, found a comfy bed at the foot of the tree. At dawn, Roger started crowing loudly to wake everyone up.

Danny was turning over to go back to sleep when he heard a voice.

It was a wicked fox, whose mouth was watering as he looked up at the rooster and thought of breakfast. “What a fine voice,” he said.

“Please come down so I can hear you better.” “You’ll have to ask my friend.” said Roger, pointing a wing at the dog. with a growl, Danny leapt out and killed the fox.

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