5. General Stories

The wolf puts his foot in it

King lion lay in his cave feeling very ill. The other animals hurried off to visit him. The lion could be very fierce if they did not show him enough respect. only the fox did not go at once. The wolf hated the fox, who was smarter than he was. “What a good chance to get him into trouble,” he thought, and began telling the lion terrible stories about the fox. The fox arrived in time to hear the end of them. He saw how angry the lion was. “Wait,” said the fox. “Instead of standing here talking, I have been searching for a cure for your illness. If you wrap the skin of a wolf around you while it’s still warm, you’ll feel better at once.”

With a roar, the lion killed the wolf and wrapped his skin round him.

“The wolf would have done better to make the lion feel happy,” the fox told the other animals.

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