1. Why Choose?

Three reasons to study Pharmacy/ Pharmacology:

  1. Interact with humans: pharmacists can be found in many healthcare settings: inpatient, ambulatory and community centre settings. Pharmacists should be open to seeing customers at all times of the day and throughout the year. Their advice to patients matters and they help people get better.
  2. Be part of major innovations in the pharmaceutical industry: scientists now know that genetic variation in genes can affect a body’s response to a drug. Specialists hope to someday sequence the entire human gene in each individual. Pharmacists and healthcare providers would then be able to use that information to choose the treatments suited best to an individual’s needs.
  3. Job stability: human health is a great working field. Pharmacists are always in demand. There are always new drugs and treatments on the market and prescriptions to be handed out. This means that after graduation, you will find a job easily.

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