7. Advanced Ultrasound Modes (Doppler)

Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) Mode

Now let’s go over how to use Tissue Doppler.

The good news is that all of the principles of Pulse Wave Doppler also apply to Tissue Doppler. In fact, Tissue Doppler is just another form of Pulse Wave Doppler that allows you to measure the much slower speeds of tissue/muscle movement (from 1cm/s – 20cm/s) compared to Pulse Wave Doppler that measures the much faster speed of blood (30cm/s – 200cm/s).

Accessing the Tissue Doppler function will vary by machine but usually just involves pushing a knob/button labeled “TDI” (Tissue Doppler Imaging) while you are in the Pulse Wave Doppler mode.

Here are the steps to using Tissue Doppler Imaging:

  • TDI Doppler Step 1: Push Pulse Wave Doppler Button
  • TDI Doppler Step 2: Place Sample Gate at Area of Interest
  • TDI Doppler Step 3: Push TDI button to activate TDI Mode
  • TDI Doppler Step 4: Adjust the TDI Gain, Baseline, and Scale
  • TDI Doppler Step 5: Adjust the TDI Scale (if needed)
  • TDI Doppler Step 6: Adjust the Sweep Speed
  • TDI Doppler Step 7: Push the Freeze Button
  • TDI Doppler Step 8: Scroll to the Desired Image
  • TDI Doppler Step 9: Push Measure Button
  • TDI Doppler Step 10: Measure Area of Interest

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