5. General Stories

Too clever for his own good

Once upon a time a fox and a donkey made a plan to go hunting together. “With my cunning and your speed,” said the fox, “we’re sure to be successful.” All went well until suddenly a fierce lion jumped out in their path.

The fox though quickly, and went and whispered in the lion’s ear. “If you let me go I’ll lead the donkey into a cave from which it can’t escape,” he promised.

“Then you’ll have an easy supper.

The lion agreed, and so the fox did as he said, and turned to the lion looking pleased with himself. “There you are,” he said . “The donkey is trapped, just as I promised.”

“Well done, my friend,” said the lion. “Now I can eat you for tea and enjoy the donkey for supper later on.” And with that he killed the treacherous fox.

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