4. Free Stock Charts

Top 4 Best Free Stock Charts [2022]

Want to take control of your trading?

The best way to do so is to arm yourself with the right tools. One of the best tools for traders or investors is stock charts. With stock charts you can analyze price action, locate the best levels to trade off of, see trends and much more.

However, charting software can be really expensive so we went ahead and researched all the best free stock charts just for you!

Want to learn more? Keep reading!

What are stock charts?

Stock charts are a visual representations of a stocks price action based on time and price. Along the x-axis is time which tells you at what time the trades went off and along the y-axis you have prices which tells what prices were traded.

You can add a ton of different indicators to your charts including volume, moving averages, stochastics or Bollinger bands to name a few.

This is a price chart showing stock prices and other important information such as stock symbol, price change, and net change. The data is plotted over a time frame, for instance, day, week or month.

There are three main types of charts. You have:

  • Line chart – used to plot the closing price of a stock
  • Bar chart – tracks 3 to 4 price points
  • Candle and stick chart (most popular) – uses 4 types of price data to provide investors with accurate information of the price action

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