Cloud hosting

Top vendors/providers

As a technology model, cloud computing systems have fuelled a growth in the infrastructure under which a third-party vendor, usually with a pay-per-use system, provides a customer with the hardware, applications, servers, storage and networking facilities.

Amazon Web Services, the Google Cloud Portal, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure are common providers who offer cloud hosting. AWS, which provides comprehensive storage facilities and more areas and zones than most cloud vendors, is the leading competitor in the market. In recent years, Azure and Google have gained momentum.

AWS, along with Amazon Easy Storage Solution and Amazon Glacier for servers, provides the Elastic Compute Cloud to handle computing resources. For the enterprise, Google has the Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets are supported by Microsoft Azure, and blob, log, and queue data are included in its data. A common cloud service is Microsoft Office 365.

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