Heat Cramps


In general, treatments for heat cramps can be managed at home. They include:

  • Find a cool place and rest: Move to a cool place indoors and rest. Temporarily stop all strenuous physical work or exercise outdoors, especially during the summer when temperatures are high. Do not start further activity until the cramps have gone away.
  • Replenish fluid and electrolytes: Drink plenty of water and sports drinks or rehydration drinks that also replenish electrolytes. Eating potassium- or magnesium-rich foods may also help. These include bananas, sweet potatoes, beans/legumes, and avocados.
  • Elevate the legs: Lie down and prop your legs up.
  • Stretch and massage cramped muscles: Simple exercises can help relieve muscle fibers. Stretch or rub tense muscles slowly and gently to relieve uncontrollable muscle contractions and reduce pain. Regularly stretching cramped muscles can also prevent new ones from developing.

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