What are the causes of ruptured spleen?


Non-surgical management of a ruptured spleen is the primary option for treatment as long as the patient’s blood pressure is stable and there is not severe bleeding. Close monitoring, bed rest, and blood pressure control are used to give the spleen time to heal. For patients that come to the hospital with stable blood pressures, non-surgical treatment is very successful.

Depending on the severity of the ruptured spleen and how stable the blood pressure is, the patient may have to have surgery. The surgeon will focus on repairing the spleen if possible, however part or all of the spleen may have to be removed (called a splenectomy). If the spleen is removed, the patient may have to take a series of vaccinations to boost immune function after surgery.

Some hospitals may try interventional radiological treatment for ruptured spleens. This is a relatively recent option and is not always available.

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