First Aid for sliced finger

Treatment of a Cut on Your Finger

Accidents happen. It’s not unusual to cut yourself with a knife in the kitchen or while working on a project around the house.

That’s why it’s important to know how to use first aid to treat a cut finger and when things are serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor.

Control the Bleeding

An accidental cut can be minor or severe. The first step with either is to try to stop the bleeding.1 Doing so will give you a clearer sense of how deep the cut is.

  • Minor cuts and scrapes that are oozing a little blood usually don’t require any bleeding control. They typically stop bleeding on their own, but you can apply pressure to help this along.
  • If the bleeding is heavy, bright red, or spurting, then take steps to control it. Your priority should be to apply pressure with clean gauze or a towel and elevate the wound.
  • If the finger is amputated, immediately put pressure on the cut to control bleeding and follow the steps for treating an amputation. Wrap the amputated finger in moist gauze or a moist paper towel and seal it in a plastic bag filled with ice.

Note: If you are not the injured person, try to use protective gloves when treating the cut. Follow universal precautions like washing your hands before touching the wound. This can prevent infection and the spread of contagious diseases.

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