5. General Stories

Tuglay and Tuglibung

Long long ago, there lived on earth a man named Tuglay and a woman called Tuglibung. Those were the early days of the earth and Tuglay and Tuglibung were the only man and woman on the planet.

But they were not born on earth. Before they came to earth, they used to live in a beautiful garden in heaven where there was no sadness. There was only happiness, for none had to work hard for a living. Tuglay and Tuglibung were the only people to live in the garden, which was owned by god. God came to visit them everyday and told them many nice stories.

One day, god told them a story about a very bad man who could change his shape as he liked and always tempted people to do bad things. He warned them that this man might come and tell them to pluck and eat a certain fruit in the garden that god had forbidden them to have. Both Tuglibung and Tuglay promised not to listen to anyone other than god. They vowed that they would listen to him forever.

But soon they had a visit from this man. The bad man had changed himself into a talking snake. He came to meet Tuglibung and Tuglay when they were alone and God was not there. He passed sometime with Tuglay and Tuglibung and won their trust. Then he asked them to taste the fruit that God had forbidden them to eat.

Tuglay at once understood that the snake was none other than the bad man God had warned them about. They drove the snake away and went on to live peacefully as before.

But the words of the snake went on and on in their minds till one day, Tuglibung could control herself no longer. She plucked the forbidden fruit and had a bite of it. When God came to know about it, he was very angry with Tuglibung. He said that he would punish Tuglibung by making her go away to earth and live there all alone by herself. When Tuglay heard this, he too had a bite of the fruit, for he could not live alone without Tuglibung.

So God banished Tuglay and Tuglibung to earth. Soon, two little children were born to them. Their eldest son was named Malaki; their eldest daughter, Bia. Together, they lived at the centre of the earth. But Tuglibung and Tuglay could not see god any more.

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