5. Jobs in data science

Types of Data Science Jobs

The first step in any job search is to identify the types of jobs you should be looking for. In this field, there are different types of data science jobs available to you.

Below I am sharing all the different types of data science jobs with their skills and salary so that you can easily select the best job in data science for you.

Let’s start with the Big Three: Data analyst, Data scientist and Data engineer.

1. Data analyst

Average salary: $68,752

This is usually known as an entry-level position in the field of data science, although not all data analysts are junior.

A data analyst’s primary job is to analyze the company’s data and use it to answer various business-related questions, and then communicate those answers to other members of the company. The answers play a huge role in making key decisions for the benefit of the company.

For example, a data analyst might be asked to look at the sales data from a company’s recent marketing campaign to assess its effectiveness.

This process would involve accessing the data, probably cleaning it, analyzing it to answer the relevant business questions, and then visualizing and communicating the results with the help of tools and techniques.

Skills needed to become a data analyst:

  • Programming languages (R/SAS)
  • Creative and analytical thinking to answer questions
  • Data visualization
  • SQL databases
  • Data cleaning, munging and mining
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • Basic machine learning
  • Strong and effective verbal and written communication skills

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