Usage of Minicomputer

Minicomputers are used for entertainment, gaming, and other computing tasks such as scientific computations, business-transaction processing, database management, file handling, etc. It is useful for small organizations.

Advantages of Minicomputer

Below are some advantages of using minicomputer:

  • Minicomputers are easy to maintain and use
  • Minicomputers are smaller in size so that they can be placed anywhere.
  • Minicomputers are portable
  • Minicomputers are fast
  • Minicomputers are reliable

Disadvantages of Minicomputer

Below are some disadvantages of minicomputer:

  • Few mini PCs do not have USB ports
  • They don’t have a CD/DVD drive
  • The users find it hard to operate due to different operating systems
  • minicomputer have a small keyboard
  • There is not much storage in minicomputers
  • It has a smaller display that can be too small for some tasks.

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