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Use video on social media

Social Media Marketing is booming in 2021. This is predominantly lead by video-based social media marketing. Consumers are increasingly engaging with image-based content, as well as video content.

We’ve seen vast shifts in almost every social media platform and landscape this past year.

Times have changed and apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels debuted in 2020, making videos likely to be the most popular form of content on social media in 2021.

Any digital marketing agency and digital marketers would agree that video marketing is more effective at generating leads than static posts.

Take it one step further and try adding interactive elements to your marketing videos.

Interactive videos are a new type of content that gives the viewer the ability to interact with the videos themselves creating a user experience like no other.

Consumers prefer interactive video content over other types of video content because it gives them the ability to decide what information they want to view and when they want to view it.

This information is key to your company’s Social Media Strategy.

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