VRAM (video RAM)

Video RAM is just like a normal RAM, but video RAM’s job is to process the picture so that the monitor can show you the picture. All types of VRAMs are special arrangements for dynamic RAM. The video RAM is a buffer between the computer and the monitor. It is also called a frame buffer. When images are sent to display on the screen by the system, they are read by the processor onto the dedicated video RAM or integrated video RAM. Then the video is processed into the RAM and appears on the monitor.

Previous high-performance Video RAM types were a double-ported, which means that while the CPU is making a new picture to VRAM, the screen reads from VRAM to modify its current display data. The double-port design was the main difference between computer RAM and video RAM in the 1980s and 1990s.

VRAM (video RAM)

Multibank Dynamic RAM is a high-performance RAM built by MoSys, which separates memory into multiple 32-kilobyte sections or banks that can be independently accessed. Traditional VRAM is monolithic with access to the entire frame buffer at one time. Having contiguous memory banks enables the simultaneous execution of accesses, boosting overall performance. Multibank Dynamic RAM is also cheaper since cards can be produced with only the correct amount of space for a given resolution bandwidth, rather than multiple megabytes, unlike many other Video RAM types.

Synchronous Graphics RAM is a relatively low-cost, clock-synchronized DRAM video memory. SGRAM is singular-port memory, but this can function like dual-port memory by constructing new memory pages simultaneously, rather than just one.

Windows RAM has no association with Microsoft Windows. It is a high-performance dual-ported VRAM with around 25 percent more capacity than VRAM, but it costs less money. It has characteristics that read the data for use in block fills and text drawings more effectively. Using the right color, WRAM can be used for very high resolution.

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