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What are the basic Plots and Graphs of MATLAB?

Following table defines basic plots and graphs:

  • Box: Axis Border
  • Errorbar: Plots error bars along the curve.
  • Hold: Retains the current graph while adding a new graph.
  • Line: Creates a line object.
  • LineSpec (Line Specification): Syntax of Line Specification String.
  • Loglog: Log to the log-scale plot.
  • Plot: 2-D Line Plot.
  • Plot3: 3-D Line Plot.
  • Plotyy: 2-D Line plots with y-axis on both the left and right side
  • Polar: Polar coordinate plot.
  • Semilogx: Semilogarithmic plot.
  • Semilogy: Semilogarithmic plot.
  • Subplot: It creates an axis in tiled positions.
  • Xlim: Sets or queries x-axis limits.
  • Ylim:: Sets or queries y-axis limits.
  • Zlim: Sets or queries z-axis limits.

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