How to invest FAQ's

What are themes or thematic investments?

How you invest is as important as why you invest. Morgan Stanley Access Investing lets you choose from a variety of investing strategies that align with the things you care about. 

We offer portfolio choices based on your objectives and preferences – you can align your investments with your values, opt for a research-driven strategy that seeks to maximize returns, or focus on minimizing fees.

You can also choose to set aside a portion of your overall portfolio toward a theme that focuses on a particular market trend or investment idea, like investing in gender diversity or next-wave technology.   

So, for example, if you’ve chosen the Defense & Cybersecurity theme, we won’t invest 100% of your portfolio in those industries, because that wouldn’t be balanced or diversified. Instead, we’ll invest a certain proportion in our core diversified strategy, and then invest an added percentage in Defense & Cybersecurity .

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