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What is binomial nomenclature and what are its basic rules?

The scientific nomenclature of a species must have at least two names: one that classifies it as a genus and the other that identifies it as a species. The name related to genus goes first and must begin in an uppercase letter. The following names must be written in lowercase. In addition to this rule, the scientific names of species must stand out and be written in either in italics, underlined, bolded or between quotation marks.

For example, the scientific name of the human species is “Homo sapiens”, indicating that it belongs to the genus Homo.

The scientific nomenclature of species is important because it universalizes the way to refer to a species, making it easier for people of different languages and cultures to understand each other. The same species that have very different names in different regions of the planet can be identified easily by their scientific binomial name.

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