What is remote ?

What is Remote?

What is Remote

A remote is an electronic device, usually hand-held, hardware device that allows users to control other devices or objects, such as a radio, television, DVD players, stereo systems, or audio/video recording device. For instance, the AC remote can be used to perform many functions of AC, like turn on and off, change the Colling temperature of the AC, and more.

A TV remote is also used to change the channel, volume, color, and turn on/off the TV. In 1956, the first wireless TV remote was invented by Dr. Robert Adler of Zenith. Before introducing the cordless remote, TV remotes had wires attached from the TV to the remote. A remote control is usually used the infrared signals to perform tasks and sometimes uses radio frequency signals.

Most of the remote controls are done by infrared signals using an infrared diode, which generates (a 940-nanometer wavelength LED) an invisible beam of light. To modulate carrier signals and demodulate the received signals, the multichannel remote control is used Sophisticated technology. Also, it separates the signals by using a variety of frequency filters for performing different functions of remote control. However, to operate the device, these infrared signals require to be in a straight line.

Some of the remote controls do not require line of sight to the device being controlled as they are done by radio frequency signals. These types of remote controls can be focused in one direction or multidirectional. There are some applications where radio frequency remote control is widely used, such as burglar alarms, garage door openers, wireless home alarm systems, and automatic barrier control.

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