1. Introduction and basic guide

What is the future of chemistry?

Chemistry is the science that studies and manipulates matter. We human beings are getting pretty good at it, (although it is not easy to beat Nature), but we are far from an ideal position in which we can easily make any molecule or compound at will in a matter of minutes.

That is probably the future of chemical synthesis, being able to shape any compound at will in a matter of minutes, without relying on long term challenging synthesis projects. Furthermore, the possibilities of synthetic chemistry are literally endless: there will always be room for making a chemical even better, or finding a molecule that works even better for a given task.

Another key aspect of the “chemistry of the future” will be reaching true full sustainability. Chemistry will be one of the main branches of science to solve the problem of energy.

Also, chemistry, as the central science, will be responsible to helping technology and interdisciplinary science in general to develop smoothly.

the future of chemistry
Chemistry, the central science, holds interdisciplinary technologic advances together. Credit to NASA/Pat Rawlings.

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