What is MAC ?

What is the MAC?

The term MAC may be defined as any of the following:

1. MAC stands for media access control that is an address, called hardware address and physical address. It is a type of address, which is given to all computers individually or network devices, and it is exclusively arranged in hexadecimal format. It is not related to Apple Macintosh computers and is manufactured into every network card like a Wi-Fi card or an Ethernet card. Usually, it is assigned by a hardware manufacturer. MAC addresses are implemented in most network types, but they cannot be changed.

There are more than thousands of networkable devices available, and all devices need a unique MAC address and a wide range of possible addresses. Therefore, the six two-digit hexadecimal numbers are used to make the MAC addresses, and they are separated by colons. The given address is an example of a MAC address:


Also, an Ethernet card may have 00:0d:83:b1:c0:8e MAC address.

2. The term MAC is also used to describe Macintosh, which is the computer operating system for Apple Computers. Mac OS X is a desktop interface, which is a popular feature of its latest version. It runs older Mac applications as well as UNIX applications. When MS-DOS was the industry standard, the Mac OS was introduced and considered the pioneer of GUI based operating systems. It is also able to offer services and functionality similar to Linux OS or Windows. Mac OS has some of the features and codebase of Lisa OS. Mac OS does not support x86 architecture by default and is designed to operate on Apple manufactured PCs. It has released various versions till 2012, such as Mac OS X, Macintosh 128k, Mac OS X, Mac Mountain Lion, etc.

What is the MAC

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