Trench foot

What Is Trench Foot?

Trench foot is an injury that occurs when feet are exposed to cold and wet conditions, but it is not due to freezing (as in frostbite). It is one of three types of immersion foot, with the other two types being warm water immersion foot and tropical immersion foot.

As the feet continue to be cold and damp, the body constricts the blood flow to prevent heat loss; this results in a lack of oxygen supply to the feet and subsequently results in damage to tissue. As the skin begins to break down, open sores and blisters often result in bacterial or fungal infections.

Trench foot and other immersion foot disorders differ according to the temperature of exposure to non-freezing, damp conditions (as well as unsanitary conditions at times).

Trench foot can develop due to wet feet for a prolonged time

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