5. When and What to Trade

What Strategy Fits Best?

It is not uncommon for traders to fail and lose money because they are trading a strategy that is not a good fit for them. At Warrior Trading, we have invested a lot of time and effort into providing our community with a variety of trading strategies to explore. Currently, we actively teach proven strategies in small cap stocks , large cap stocks , and options trading.

We recommend starting off with the Warrior Starter classes (the first 15 chapters of our Warrior Pro program). These classes teach important concepts that all traders need to know in order to set a solid foundation for proper trading education.

After mastering these lessons, we then recommend grasping the trading concepts taught within our Small Cap or Large Cap Day Trading courses. The best opportunities for practicing these trading strategies tend to occur between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM EST.

If you know you are not able to devote time to trade during the peak trading hours, using these strategies, do not worry. Our Options Trading classes, educators, and mentor sessions are available to all Warrior Pro members as well.

Better yet, all of Warrior Trading’s courses and mentor sessions can be reviewed at any time of day or night from an active Warrior Pro membership.

You can see in the visual below what our weekly education schedule for our members normally looks like:

While learning and exploring these strategies through our classes, our community is encouraged to also join us in our live trading chat rooms and Warrior Pro mentor sessions, which are led by the profitable traders who teach and trade these strategies every day.

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