Are you ready to CPR ?

What to Do Before Performing CPR

Time is of the essence, but before you attempt CPR on someone, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the environment is safe. A fire, traffic accident, or other dangers could put your own life at risk.
  2. Try to wake the person. Tap on the person’s shoulder firmly and ask “Are you OK?” in a loud voice. Move on to the next steps after five seconds of trying to wake the patient.
  3. Call 911. Anytime a patient won’t wake up, call 911 immediately or ask a bystander to call. Even if you will perform CPR on the spot, it’s important to get paramedics to the scene as quickly as possible.
  4. Put the person on their back. If it’s possible that the person may have had a spinal injury, turn them carefully without moving the head or neck.
  5. Check for breathing. Tilt the patient’s head back to open the airway and determine if they are breathing. If the patient doesn’t take a breath after 10 seconds, start CPR.

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